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As Ousman Sonko Seeks Refuge in Sweden, we ask what crimes did he refuse to do for Jammeh?

Ous Sonko

These past few days have seen a lot of celebration about the news of the dismissal of one of the most brutal psychopathic killers of Jammeh, Ousman Sonko from his square peg in hole post of interior minister and his subsequent fleeing to Sweden and seeking sanctuary. As most patriotic Gambians in Sweden, led by Demba N. Njie and others start making arrangements to ensure the indictments of Sonko as a war criminal, this paper asks the fundamentally question, why and when did Jammeh fell out with his most staunch supporter? 

Many will recall that Musa Jammeh, another psychopathic killer of Jammeh, has often been arrested, dismissed and reinstated for refusing to carryout illegal orders of the dictator including the abduction, cold blooded murder of opponents among other horrific things. This the reason this paper aims to ask what crimes against our people has Yaya planned, that is so horrific that even Sonko refuses to carryout? Or is another ploy to hold Sonko as the scapegoat in the illegal incarceration and murder of the two brave Solos? Our readers have also seen during the 22 years of psychopathic killings of our people in one of the most gruesome ways seen in our land, that many of those crimes are either not investigated or a scapegoat is found and blamed for these crimes. The scapegoats used include Sanna Sabally, Musa Jammeh, Edward Singhateh, judges, etc. 

Ousman Sonko's prosecution for war crimes will not hard to prove,  many argue, as he has often been on national TV and newspapers threatening other tribes and the oppositions and has been implicated in almost all sick killings perpetrated by Jammeh against our people. 

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