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Sam Sarr Threatens Gambia's Only Independent Presidential Candidate

Reports reaching this paper intimate that the one time staunch critic of the tyrant and now turned sycophant is issuing threatening statements to an opposition independent candidate. Sam Sarr, who has been serving as a diplomat under his former nemesis' government, was quoted to have written that: "Mark you, whichever path you may choose to adopt, I only would warn you to be mindful of engaging in activities posing a threat to the country’s national security. "  The campaign team of Dr. Isatou Touray responded with the following statement: "Samsudeen Sarr! The Gambia Government is making an open threat to Dr. Isatou Touray. Samsudeen Sarr the Gambian Envoy to the UN made this threat in his letter to Dr. Isatou Touray on his Facebook wall. We are hereby saying no amount of threat will stop us from exercising our democratic rights as citizens of the country. Since when standing as an Independent Presidential Candidate becomes a National Security Threat."

Sam Sarr who was once a serving officer of the Gambia Armed Forces before being appointed as a minister in the military junta and later incarcerated and declared insane before being brought back to the army, where he subsequently rose to the rank of army commander, through sheer sycophancy and corrupt practices. Sam subsequently was dismissed with disgrace from his military commission on allegations of gross misconduct against his superior officer, Baboucarr Jatta, when he illegally taped a conversation private conversation between the two. Many believed he was out to get Jatta's job by all means necessary. Sam Sarr later joined the diaspora Gambians in the struggle to rid the country from tyranny, using a pseudo name, Ebou Colley on Gambia L and Gambia Post. Sarr later authored a book where he mentioned the extra judicial executions and burials by the evil regime in The Gambia among other things, with many believing his book will be used in due cause to investigate and prosecute the dictatorship in a human rights tribunal. 

Sam was later retired from his menial job in the US and being the opportunist he has always been, resorted to sycophancy and threatening his fellow activists with violence and excusing the violence and human right abuse of the tyrant as necessary. He was quoted as saying he would have shot down unarmed demonstrations if he is in charge, a threat, many believe should be reported to the US authorities and the UN as aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. This paper will begin the campaign to bring those comments to the notice of the International court of human rights investigators who are looking into bringing charges of inciting war crimes against the two decade dictatorship for inciting violence and hate crimes against the majority Mandingos in our country, who the monster threatened with violence, deportation, etc. 

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