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September will be the decisive month. All the presidential candidates who are to contest against Jammeh would be declaring their candidature in September. The signs are on the horizon. Committees of political parties are meeting more frequently. Consultations between party representatives are increasing. The call for a coalition is intensifying. There is no doubt that the month of September will reveal all the political forces that would shape the political climate as we move towards nomination day.

Gabon has shown that candidates could put up their campaign to be front runners and after discovering the strongest candidate while campaigning could ultimately allow that person alone to contest against an incumbent. Africa is finally pulling many surprises as far as electoral challenges are concerned.

The Gambian people should prepare themselves for the upcoming electoral battle since they are going to be the decision makers of the outcome. They should listen to all political parties and leaders and gauge for themselves who could best facilitate the change that most people of diverse political affiliation and orientation need at this decisive moment of Gambia’S history.

The future will be the judge. So, even the naysayers in the diaspora, chief among them Coach Pa Samba Jow have capitulated to the wish of the people except Momodou MB Krubally, who is still beating the no elections drum despite the fact that it is too late for reforms and it being clear that Gambians are ready for change and prepared to remove tyranny from our soils. 


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