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As the office of the POTG reacts angrily to perceived criticism, Gambian coalition at the brink of breakdown


The press release from the office of the president, angrily reacted to a publication by Sulayman Bah and Foroyaa quoting Halifa Sallah saying that there is yet to be system change in our country, has been described by many as too heavy handed and signal the breakdown of the Gambia's first coalition, which has been heralded internationally for achieving the impossible without bloodshed. Many are furious that a mere criticism that there is yet to be a system change warranted a three page press release, whilst others accused the president's office of trying to divert attention from the 57 vehicles donated. 

Many commentators in fact attributed the letter to come from one of the surrogates of UDP and not our executive as many see Adama as a good man but easily influenced by his former party members, many of who are hardliners. 

What is clear is that this is not in fact in respond to Halifa's comment but resting on a deeper issue of accountability and probity within the coalition as we have seen the MPs across the board, even UDP MPs complaining about the lack of leadership in the speaker of the house who has tried to manipulate the proceedings to suit her cabinet bosses as she was handpicked from the UDP to ensure that the UDP ministers however pathetic they may be performing, get their way. This is the reason she unlawfully tried to reduce the speaking time for MPs from the standing order's minimum 15 minutes to 7 minutes. Ministers are being forced to appear before the parliament by the MPs and they do not like that at all, as they are often out of the country. Halifa was also quoted as saying that ministers should not dodge from their responsibility to appear before the MPs which many do not like at all, as they will not be able to rest on their laurels. It is therefore disappointing the president sided with his ministers instead of taking them to task to enable them to perform to their utmost.

For what is clear is that there has been a regime change but a complete system change needs the overhaul of the constitution, the numerous enablers found everywhere, the numerous and unlawful checkpoints along the way, the illegal banning of the camouflage among other things. 

Some even went onto to say that the coalition leadership is committing a political suicide by endearing the APRC to them and at the same time fighting to avoid criticism and especially attacking Halifa and his party, one of the staunchest supporters of the regime.  

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