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As the African Petroleum awaits Gambia government's decision, we caution the government


The government of The Gambia is being cautioned to take all available measures to ensure that we the Gambian people do not incur unnecessary expenses and burden as they threatened to cancel the oil and petroleum license issued to the African Petroleum Company Ltd (APCL). This caution is to ensure we do not incur unnecessary cost and penalties, like the billions of dalasis we had to pay to Canagie or another mining company when they took the former dictator's government to international arbitration few years ago. 

The government of the Gambia threatened to cancel the exploration license of APCL for alleged breach of contract as the company took longer than agreed to start the exploration well. The company, APCL is a relatively smaller company with less than 5 years experience in exploration, even though it holds 7.4 billion barrels exploration license along the west coast of Africa. They had defaulted in starting the exploration due to the reluctance of investors to invest in the license whilst the country is being governed by a mad dictator, according to them. 

The government, though doing a great job of sensitizing the public on all issues including the petroleum, they have told us how much money this and the other government managed to get from issuing those license and which company they intent to give this remaining blocks to. It has re-issued the license for the rest of the blocks to Erin energy without this restriction and they should tell the Gambian people what the difference between the companies are and if they companies, like the mining companies are aware of the theft of these resources by the previous government among other concerns. I urge the honourable and capable minister of petroleum to come out and give a press briefing on this important concerns as soon as possible. 

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