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Gambian Ambassador exonerated from rental scam

Femi Peters

The Gambian Ambassador, Femi Peter, has been exonerated by the landlord of a proposed new residence at Spur Road, Akram Dager, with regards to information about the Ambassador being involved in a rental scandal.
He apologized for any embarrassment he might have caused to the Ambassador. According to Dager, it was due to a phone call he received from the Ministry of Foreign Affair Officer in Gambia that he will not be paid a dime by the Gambian government for his building.
He highlighted that “it frustrated me so much that I barricaded the gate of the Ambassador but for the intervention of senior officials from Sierra Leone Foreign Ministry who prevailed on the Gambian Head of Chancery to place a call to his superior in Banjul.”
Dager has provided proof that the matter has been resolved as they have signed undertaking by the Gambian Head of Chancery that accrued rent will be paid within three days from the date of signing the undertaking.
They were supposed to pay $250,000 USD for five years, but since the Ambassador has only spent five months in the new residence, they will now pay for the five months he has spent in the residence which is $20,000 USD.
The proposed building was meant to serve as both the office of the Gambia Ambassador and also serve as the Chancery of the Gambia High Commission giving way for the current chancery to be renovated and leased to commercial entities so as to raise fund for the Gambia government to handle projects.
According to Ambassador Peter, “It was my plan to save the new Gambia government money and the same time raising the image of the country in Sierra Leone.” Adding that he is willing to move out of the structure.
An initially approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the request by the Gambia Ambassador, Peter, for a change of accommodation but when the head of chancery Ebrima Camara was alleged to asked the landlord of the propose property for the commission and the landlord refused for three reasons, which are $50,000 for furnished two apartments in a compound with a serviced generator, because the tenancy agreement will be for five years and also his family working relationship with the Gambia community in Kono for the past twenty years dealing in diamond business.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday November 24, 2017.

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