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As the government fights to keep libel criminal, news outlets are urged to report more professionally


As human rights group condemn the coalition government for attempts to keep publication of false news criminal, as well as other undesirable statutes such as public order act, news outlets are also been urged to report accurate news without any sensation or out right lies, as most readers are very gullible and believe anything written even from incompetent and often malicious papers. 

The need to train our journalist and be reminded of their duty to report accurate cannot be overemphasized. The concerns are whether the reporters have enough subject matter training to accurate report on those issues. The most important such issues to come to mind is the reporting about the commissions of enquiry into Jammeh's misappropriation of public funds and some papers most notably Sam Phatty's have started reporting inaccurately especially about the involvement of the lead counsel Amie Bensouda's involvement in the dealing of the former dictator just for the fact her name has been dropped in by those trying to intimidate her into silence. Anyone doing the same either through their media or on social media is not helping Gambians or anyone else for that matter except Jammeh. 

We know that many family members have been named as culprits and these members are hellbent on not only diminishing the importance of the commission but also render it inoperable, they shall fail, just like Jammeh did regardless of under what cloak they are hiding. 

The facts remain that the lead counsel never acted for the former dictator and just because she acted for Senegambia hotel who are buying something from Kairaba which may have been forcifully bought by Jammeh and his cohorts does not mean she is tainted in anyway. We have to realise that she has nothing to gain any attempt to render our institutions unworkable will be met by stiff resistance from those of us who fought hard for this democracy. You may not belong to any party openly but we know you are a die hard PPP baby and have consistently shown that so spare us the I am neutral thing, please. 

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